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Junction Catalyst

Virtual Receptionist

Welcoming front-of-house support.

Our friendly professional receptionists will answer your business calls 24/7 with customised greetings ensuring that your business never misses a call. By covering your phone around the clock, answering & managing all your urgent calls after your in-house employees have left for the day.

As a virtual service our trained agents perform many of the same job functions as a traditional receptionist, including phone answering, meeting scheduling, and call routing. In addition some of the major benefits of our virtual services are better customer care & productivity.

You’ll work with our virtual receptionists to create a customised script to provide a consistent customer experience. Our dedicated agents will get familiar with all accounts & any specific detail that they contain. These scripts can include areas such as policies, procedures, & preferred verbal tonality used by your organisation.

  • Answering all incoming calls.
  • Share basic information with callers.
  • Filtering calls to the right departments.
  • Scheduling calendars for all meetings.
  • Pre-qualify sales leads & prospects.
  • Assist customers in placing orders.
  • Appropriate receptionist daily tasks.
  • And more


Register with us by submitting your details below, and we make sure one of our Junction Catalyst onboarding team schedules a setup time for you.

Experience better customer service in a way that works best for your customers.