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Junction Catalyst

Lead Generators

Converting prospects into new leads.

We can help you to generate leads with our skilled agents utilising CRM integration so that all the vital information is captured for your business. As well as actioning initial research & dialoguing with new prospects, to build a robust & relevant lead database to future-proof your new business leads.

Our lead generation experts will ensure that you get a continuous stream of leads, that your sales team can get in contact with. They also categorise customer & business prospects through outbound telemarketing to assist with making your sales processes more seamless. Allowing you to focus on your essential business responsibilities.

All our agents possess problem-solving abilities and can conduct desk-based online research. To help keep you in touch with interested prospects and follow up with them until they get an engaged agreement.

  • Generate & qualify your sales leads.
  • Realise your business requirements.
  • Set appointments for the sales team.
  • Update potential customer information.
  • Help to upload data into your CRM.
  • Fulfil call & lead generation quotas.
  • Conduct surveys to uncover new leads.
  • Focus on initiating competitor research.
  • And more


Register with us by submitting your details below, and we make sure one of our Junction Catalyst onboarding team schedules a setup time for you.

Don’t let identifying new leads take you away from the other business areas that drive your growth.