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Junction Catalyst

Credit Control

Managing your customer accounts.

If you need help with billing or following up on outstanding money, we have specialist assistants to help & work alongside your finance department. To make sure that the business accounts team is streamlined & professional in their approach & services, plus all financial data is properly updated.

The primary tasks for a Credit Controller revolve around keeping full focus on the bigger picture of a company’s credit & finances, following up on specific debts, the recovery process & keeping an eye on managing invoices, plus outstanding payments for the business.

They will also ensure that financial data is captured in an accurate manner, clients are kept informed, maintaining up-to-date records & liaising with third parties.

  • Evaluating new credit requests.
  • Conduct client credit checks.
  • Control the collection of payments.
  • Managing & collecting outstanding debts.
  • Setting up new client terms of credit.
  • Negotiating payment plans.
  • Responding to client financial inquiries.
  • Processing all client invoicing.
  • Preparing account statements & reports.
  • Management of business sales ledger.
  • Liaising with customers & sales team.
  • And more


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The help you need to keep track of your invoicing & payments.