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Junction Catalyst

Sales Agents

Assisting to drive new business.

All our virtual assistants have been trained to deal with all types of scenarios as sales agents to prospective clients or when gathering information for market research. Either way, they are the ideal solution for making more of your time while ensuring those business-critical tasks are actioned.

Using an experienced virtual assistant to handle your sales calls is a cost & time-efficient solution. Actioned via contacting a specific list of business leads gained from various sources & following a set script to detail your business services. Freeing you up from these prospective time-consuming calls to focus on more relevant matters that need your attention.

In addition to making phone calls, our sales agents can assist with contacting potential leads using various data-driven channels, like email, social media, or messaging.

  • Work with the team to reach new prospects.
  • Help your sales & performance goals.
  • Maintain detailed records & follow-up.
  • Handle outgoing & incoming calls.
  • Document prospect information.
  • Capture prospect conversation details.
  • Engage with potential customers.
  • Detail services, products & pricing.
  • Convert calls into new business leads.
  • And more


Register with us by submitting your details below, and we make sure one of our Junction Catalyst onboarding team schedules a setup time for you.

Doing the chores you don’t relish, and freeing your time up for those that you do.