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Junction Catalyst

Appointment Setters

Managing your business scheduling.

Our expert team has years of experience in setting appointments for clients, removing the burden of spending endless hours on operational calls. Working hard on your behalf to support your team by contacting prospective clients, and assisting in realising your monthly business meeting goals.

Their key work responsibilities traditionally include ensuring that your prospects are interested in the business deliverables & services, scheduling dedicated time with each prospect, in person (individually or in a group), and/or virtually with your business sales team.

In addition, they will communicate with prospects prior to a meeting to make sure they have all the information they require, keep all calendars accessible & up to date plus qualify data for the CRM database.

  • Real-time appointments & re-scheduling.
  • Identification & use of a database.
  • Qualify lead generation.
  • Handle telemarketing responsibilities.
  • Work with business service scripts.
  • Contact prospect details & comments.
  • Manage schedules & calendars.
  • Enable accessibility to multiple users.
  • Educate customers on business info.
  • Respond to customer queries.
  • And more


Register with us by submitting your details below, and we make sure one of our Junction Catalyst onboarding team schedules a setup time for you.

You’ll ever miss another meeting with an assistant focused on your schedule.